Sport Holidays Tour Operators

If your holiday is approaching but the thought of visiting the same resort as last year or the same location is not filling you with too much excitement why not look into something entirely different.  Sports holidays are a great idea for those of us who like a bit of activity in our holidays and with so many destinations to choose from you are sure to experience something entirely new.  There are a number of sport holidays tour operators who can help you come to a decision and answer any questions you may have about this type of holiday package.

What are Sport Holidays Tour Operators?

Sport holidays tour operators are exactly what the name suggests – companies who will help you to organise a sports holiday. There are numerous sports holiday operators in the United Kingdom and all of them offer dozens of package holidays to destinations throughout the world. The services offered by these operators are diverse with some focussing on sports fans who love to watch sport and others focussing on travellers who want to actively involve themselves in a sport. The sports offered are almost as diverse as the locations with everything from golf to white water rafting being available.

Some of the most reputable sport holidays tour operators in the UK include:

  • Edwin Doran Sports Tours
  • Gulliver Sports
  • Pure Alpine Holidays
  • Sports & Leisure Holidays
  • Tuscan Tennis Holidays

Sport Holidays Tour Operators Destinations

With sport holidays tour operators, sport holidays enthusiasts can get to see all sorts of breath-taking locations with highly diverse landscapes and sports opportunities. Here are a few examples of the destinations and sports activities associated with the above-mentioned travel tour operators:

  • You can see almost the whole world with Edwin Doran Sports Tours and enjoy group sport tours that focus on activities like rugby, cricket, football and hockey.
  • Bear witness to all major sporting events that take place worldwide. Individuals, clubs and school groups can all enjoy the spectacle offered at rugby and cricket matches in particular, all with Gulliver Sports.
  • Contact Pure Alpine Holidays and get the best of what Switzerland and Austria have to offer, and enjoy tailor-made holidays that focus on ski and tennis activities.
  • Visit Spain and Portugal with Sports & Leisure Holidays and get to participate in tennis activities, as well as other sports like horse riding, scuba, golf etc.
  • Tuscan Tennis Holidays offer tourists the chance to play and learn tennis in various Tuscan locations, but also in Sardinia and the Costa del Sol.

Booking Holidays with Sport Holidays Tour Operators

Most sport holidays tour operators offer two ways to book a sports holidays through them. You can either contact the companies by phone and chat live with a travel operator or you can fill in an online booking form and have your sports holidays travel details sent to you via email.

If you’ve made up your mind on a sports holidays, do select one of the various sport holidays tour operators available and plan a fabulous sports holidays for you and your loved ones. Just make sure you include all the details to avoid any misunderstanding followed by unfortunate additional charges.

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