Sport Holidays Extra Baggage

A sports holiday is different than a regular holiday not only in terms of activities, but in terms of the amount of luggage you may need to take as well.  On a general holiday you don’t need to exactly take a lot with you other than clothes and sun cream (although I know a lot of people do) but when it comes to sports holidays there is equipment, sports gear and extra clothes that need to be considered too.  This can add up to a hefty travel bill if you don’t estimate the weight and items beforehand.

What is Sport Holidays Extra Baggage?

As you may already know, the baggage allowance for national and international flights has taken a great plunge, making travellers more disgruntled than ever. Meeting the correct amount of baggage allowance is incessantly a cause of stress and often ruins plans for holiday makers who fail to consider that their holiday baggage is significantly larger than what is today perceived as standard luggage.

Sports holidays extra baggage usually includes essential pieces of equipment that tourists need in order to make the most out of their sports holidays. Things like bicycles, scuba diving equipment, snowboards or kayaks clearly require much more space than regular baggage, and both sports players and sports enthusiasts find themselves a bit hindered when it comes to transporting their gear from one place to another.

Why do Tourists need Sport Holidays Extra Baggage

Why would anyone subject himself to the stress of having to deal with sport holidays extra baggage, you may ask. Well, the answer is simple: some tourists may wish to travel to remote places where sports equipment hire services are not available, or, if sports gear hire providers do exist, their services might be a little too expensive for their liking. There is also another reason that explains traveller’s preference for sport holidays extra baggage. Some people get very personal when it comes to their own sports gear, simply because working with your everyday sports equipment makes for another step towards enhancing your own security whilst practicing a certain sport. Using your own equipment is not only safer, but far more comfortable for people who enjoy being active on their holidays.

What Can I Do in Case of Sport Holidays Extra Baggage

Fortunately as with most things in life you don’t have to make significant concessions when it comes to your sport holidays extra baggage. If you’re willing to invest time in searching for the right holiday package, you’ll find that some do allow extra leverage for sports equipment such as:

  • Hand gliders
  • Windsurf boards
  • Canoes and kayaks
  • Golf clubs
  • Bicycles
  • Scuba equipment
  • Winter sports equipment

This service, however, is strictly subjected to a holiday package, without which, no airline will let excessive baggage pass without fee. Even in a holiday package, extra payment is required for equipment up to 20kgs.

Speaking of heavier sport holidays extra baggage, some airlines also have restrictions as to which type of sporting equipment they will carry and which they won’t. A list of items most will refuse includes:

  • Extra -large water skis
  • Extra- large surfboards
  • Pole vaults
  • Javelins

How to Pack Your Sport Holidays Extra Baggage

Do note that airlines may provide instructions on how to properly pack sports baggage before they will agree to carry it. Bicycles must be contained in a proper bicycle bag. To avoid potential damage, tires should be deflated and bicycle handles should be turned away. Scuba diving gear must be placed in a hard cover and should not exceed a certain fixed weight. All conical objects should be hollow and empty. The carriage of golf clubs is subject to their weight and size. Skis, snowboards and similar equipment should each be packed separately.

Some airlines will carry sports equipment for no extra charge but you should check this out with the specific airlines before you book.



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