Hiring Equipment on Sports Holidays

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that going on a sports holiday can be a great way to unwind but often these holidays involve a little extra planning.  While the idea of getting away from home and doing something fun and active (and possibly quite extreme) is great, there are other factors to consider.  We need to be safe while going on these adventures and you will also need the right equipment to make your sporting holiday possible.  Buying sports equipment is a good idea if you plan on using it in the long-term but if you just want to get away, try something new or you find yourself spontaneously getting involved in sport over this time, it can be a much cheaper and positive experience simply hiring your gear.  Here we take a look at how to get started on the best sporting holiday ever by having the right equipment that someone else has insured.

Safety Tips for Hiring Equipment on Sports Holidays

  • You will usually pay a deposit – Bear in mind that hiring goods normally comes with a deposit to ensure safety from the perspective of the hirer. Don’t run off with the goods and you’ll get it back.
  • Insurance payouts – If the hired goods are damaged or irreparably destroyed, you may find yourself having to pay an additional amount to cover the hirers insurance costs.
  • Reputable dealers – Bear in mind that not all hiring companies are honest. Be sure to enter into a contractual agreement to cover yourself.
  • Hidden costs – Find out upfront what additional costs may need to be paid and under which circumstances. Some companies will charge a late return fee for example.
  • Tested goods – Most of the time, you can quickly see if the quality of your hired sporting goods are up to scratch. However, if you are hiring an oxygen tank for scuba diving (or something else that can affect your safety like abseiling ropes) be sure to ask the agent to test it out or show you that it is still in useable (and preferably excellent) condition.

Types of Hiring Equipment on Sports Holidays

You will find that most outlets have a variety of sporting goods for hire in one place. However, if you are looking to hire specialised goods for extreme or water sports, it is best to visit an outlet that caters to that sport specifically. For general sports, most sporting stores have a hiring system that will allow you to hire goods on a daily and weekly basis for reasonable rates. If you have something specific in mind and would like to get advice from the people in the know, visit the local sporting club. Whether it’s surfing, soccer or croquet, most clubs have the facilities that you need with a pub for you to watch the game after you’ve played it. At the end of the day, hiring sporting equipment is a fairly easy process. Just be sure to have your deposit ready and to sign surety that you will look after the goods.



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